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About us

The Eva team is comprised of three organisations at the forefront of change and innovation in their respective industries: expert healthcare investigation consultants Verita, global technology specialists AlfaPeople, and Microsoft.



Verita is the UK’s leading provider of serious incident investigation consultancy. With over 17 years’ experience and a team of expert advisors, our work includes the 2012 NHS-based investigations into Jimmy Savile. We were also invited by Spire Healthcare to review their governance arrangements following the scandal surrounding the surgical practice of Mr Ian Paterson. Our experience from these and countless other healthcare investigations have informed the development of the Eva Investigation Application.

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AlfaPeople is a global software consultancy firm specialising in Microsoft business technology. We are a Gold Partner and privileged member of Microsoft’s inner circle, with a background in the deployment of cutting-edge technology in healthcare. Our team has over 15 years’ experience implementing solutions for some of the biggest healthcare providers in the UK, from Patient Relationship Management systems in large NHS Trusts, to the development of a Virtual Fracture Clinic. ​

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Microsoft is the world’s leading technology company with investment of over £1bn a year in research and development in areas like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Microsoft’s recent innovations in the healthcare sector include tools to predict the onset of cardiac or respiratory arrest, allowing clinicians to intervene sooner; and supporting the use of holograms during surgery at Alder Hey Children’s hospital. Eva is powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365.​

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What our partnership means for Eva users

The digitisation of the healthcare sector will intensify exponentially in the coming decades – and partnerships with industry and tech leaders is a fundamental part of this change. With Eva, comes:​

  • Verita’s expert knowledge of incident investigation and patient engagement – which feeds back into the solution, along with your own learnings, in the form of enhancements.​
  • AlfaPeople’s technical knowledge and IT consultancy expertise – which we place into Eva’s usability and support services.​
  • Microsoft technology, designed to future-proof your organisation in the face of ever-evolving digitisation – including regular updates and state-of-the-art security enhancements.

Meet the team


Ed Marsden

Founder & Director

Ed is one of the founders of Eva Applications, and is also managing director of Verita, a specialist investigations consultancy. He is a healthcare professional by background, and spent the first half of his career working on the frontline in the NHS. Ed has carried out numerous complex investigations in healthcare over the last twenty years, heading up many serious incidents involving patient harm. He oversaw the 40 or so investigations that the NHS had to undertake on behalf of the Secretary of State for Health into allegations by victims of Jimmy Savile. Ed believes that the intelligent use of data and technology can play a significant role in reducing avoidable harm in both the private and public healthcare sectors.


Chris Brougham

Lead Investigator, Eva Applications

Chris is also a Director at Verita and is one of their most experienced investigators, having conducted some of its most high-profile investigations and reviews. As head of training, Chris has developed training courses for the systematic investigation of serious incidents and complex complaints. She has delivered these courses across a range of organisations and sectors, receiving consistently excellent feedback. Chris’ knowledge and experience were an integral part of Eva’s design.

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Kayleigh Palmer

Head of sales and marketing

Kayleigh studied Commerce with Marketing in National University of Ireland. Since then she has worked in serval industries including hospitality, health & fitness and retail focusing on all forms of digital marketing. Kayleigh’s aim for Eva is to increase brand awareness by engaging in various forms of digital marketing.


Peter Killwick

Director, Eva Applications

Peter is also Company Director for Verita. Since joining them in 2012, Peter has had a particular focus on the development and evolution of our diagnostic tools – including the Eva investigation application, Organisational Resilience Assessment and Complaints diagnostic – as well as undertaking numerous investigations in both public and private healthcare. In his role as a Verita board director, he oversees relationships with a number of key clients and manages the financial control of the organisation.

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Kieran Seale

Company secretary

Kieran is the Company Secretary of Eva Applications Ltd. He is also Director and Company Secretary of Verita. During his time at Verita, Kieran has led many investigations across the charities, the NHS, and private healthcare providers, including a number of reviews of conflict of interest and governance issues for NHS England and in the charity sector.  Kieran spent five years working in NHS commissioning in Primary Care Trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).  Legally qualified, he has wide experience of delivering solutions to governance issues in the NHS and outside.

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Scarlett Whitford-Webb

Marketing assistant

Scarlett joined Verita in July 2020 as an intern and has since been hired as Verita and Eva’s business development assistant. Her role is part-time to accommodate her undergraduate degree in Anthropology at the University of Bristol. Scarlett is responsible for Eva’s digital marketing and new project research.

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