Eva in Teams

Eva’s integration with Microsoft Teams allows users to send instant messages, make internal calls, share, edit and collaborate on serious incident investigations in one central, secure location.

What makes Eva in Teams so innovative?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for technology services has increased dramatically in order to support remote working. This demand has seen the uptake of Microsoft Teams by 800% and according to NHS Digital, 132,000 healthcare professionals are currently using the tool. The integration of Eva and Teams means that the benefits of Eva’s investigation tool can be seen on a system which staff are already familiar, whilst also improving the collaboration, quality and consistency of investigating in a remote setting. Eva in Teams means:

Patient safety teams can share and communicate information on investigations in a secure environment.

Colleagues can communicate and work from home, on differing devices securely and efficiently.

Staff can send instant messages, make internal calls, share, edit and collaborate on files and documents in one central, secure location.

Investigators have the ability to share documents and information across Teams, meaning colleagues no longer require sending information back and forth between emails or fax.

Notifications and tagging of individuals allows for instant updates.

Users can work at home and conduct meetings like normal across the platform.

Integration of Microsoft Teams in Eva’s serious incident investigation application

Find out more

With the uptake of Teams, we hope that organisations across the UK will reap the benefits of the application. For more information please read our blog, talk to us, and organise a demonstration of Eva by emailing [email protected].

Our demonstrations are available over Microsoft Teams.

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