Is your healthcare organisation facing a backlog of serious incident investigations?
If so, help – and Eva – is at hand.

The problem

Is your organisation facing a backlog of serious incident investigations? Are you under pressure from top management, your commissioners or the CQC to get on top of the problem?  If so, Eva can help.

The solution​

With a team of expert investigators from Verita, one of Eva’s founding companies, you can send us your backlog of serious incident investigations and we can investigate them for you. We will use Eva’s serious incident investigation technology meaning that your reports will meet national requirements, be fully formatted and standardised, and learning and insights data will be captured in a private, online analytics dashboard (fully compliant with data protection and GDPR).

How it works

You simply send us the underlying paperwork electronically and we use our technology and expertise to investigate the incident.  By using Eva, we provide investigations that get to the heart of the incident, using the analytical tools recommended by the National Patient Safety Agency and NHS Improvement.  Each report contains a timeline of events, an analysis of care management problems and an assessment of the factors contributing to the incident.

Your investigations will be completed by Verita’s expert investigators and will be subject to its exacting peer review.

Each report can be customised to the needs of a particular incident.  Once an investigation is completed you are able to read and comment on the report before it is finalised.  All reports are presented to you in a standardised format with your organisation’s logo.  Our investigation reports are compliant with the expectations of CCGs.

Find out more

We will take on a minimum of five incidents and an upper limit of twenty.  We are able to respond promptly to all requests and you can commission our service from your desk with the minimum of fuss. If you commission more than twenty investigations, you get access to the Eva analytics dashboard.

Please contact us at Eva Applications on [email protected] or call 020 7494 5676 if you would like more information about our serious incident investigation backlog service.

Please note that Eva is on the G-Cloud 11 framework.

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