Where does Eva fit in?

Eva was created to replace the healthcare sector’s manual systems. Currently, no integral software solution exists to facilitate and improve the quality of patient safety investigations. This is where Eva comes in. Eva helps investigators save time and navigate the complexities of the investigative process. With automated tips and guidance drawn from the application’s rich knowledge base, Eva goes about gathering and interpreting the data behind the scenes to deliver consistency, support and a wider understanding of the improvements needed in patient safety in UK Healthcare.​

Conduct consistent, higher quality investigations

Designed by experienced investigators and based on NPSA guidelines, Eva delivers structured processes that generate clearer investigation reports which enable investigators to dig deeper into underlying factors and get to the heart of the issues.

Investigation request

Commissioners of the investigation lead the request and set the investigation parameters.

Terms of reference

Investigation team identifies incident related issues to be investigated with commissioner oversight.


Evidence log with upload cabilities ensures that key documents are saved for future reference.


Interactive chronology helps the investigator to visualise progress and dig deeper into contributing factors and underlying causes.


Ensure recommendations are directly linked to the evidence to ensure they are relevant to the incident.

Action plan

Create tasks, assign owners and set deadlines. All progress is tracked and visible via the Eva dashboards.

Fully structured & formatted report

Customisable to your organisation, Eva uses the information gathered to generate a pre-formatted report in and editable Word document.

Ask Eva

Access on-demand tips and training from expert investigators. Eva comes with a vast bank of articles, definitions and videos created by experienced investigators which support the user through each stage.

Expert advice & support hotline

Consultancy support and training from industry experts Verita is included as standard for each organisation. Help with report preparation, recommendations or analysis of evidence will help you raise the bar for investigation practice across the board.

Microsoft Office integration

Eva acts as a repository for everything that relates to the investigation including ToRs, evidence, reports, patient/family communication and progress status. Full integration with the Office suite improves efficiency and increases transparency, improves governance and mitigates risk for the organisation.

Uncover greater visibility and unprecedented insights

Eva pools together investigation data from across the organisation into a series of dashboards, allowing greater monitoring and oversight of investigation processes and outcomes across multiple sites. This facilitates more in-depth analysis of the data to reveal underlying themes and recurring issues which may need to be addressed.

Device Frame

Oversight & Reporting

Understand key metrics such as:

  • Investigation volumes (current and historical)
  • Investigation duration
  • Real-time data on investigation status
  • Audit control
  • Trackable action plan fulfilment
  • Complete oversight or individual case view

Insights & Learnings

Get vital information to manage investigations more proactively:

  • Uncover recurring themes and patterns
  • Drill down on multiple variants such as:
    • Service
    • Site
    • Ward
    • Time period
  • Easily share information across sites or even with your CCG

You’re in safe hands

Eva is built on tried-and-trusted Microsoft technology approved for use by NHS Digital, who are themselves users. The underlying technology is also currently used by police forces across London as well as the Ministry of Defence and major private companies including oil giant BP and British Gas owner Centrica.

Microsoft invests over $1B a year in ensuring the security of their users and their digital property. Eva is a highly secure, GDPR compliant, industry leading software.

Keep patients and families informed

The Eva portal is an optional online feature accessible 24/7 which manages communication between patients, families and carers, and the organisation. The Eva portal helps to increase transparency and reduce frustration and confusion by providing greater clarity on the investigation process.

  • Investigation Progress Tracker

    Patients, families and carers can see and understand the status of the investigations.

  • Request Meetings

    Meetings can be requested with selected staff members to discuss concerns.

  • Upload and view key documents

    View important documents like the final report and upload evidence.

  • FAQs

    Access a bank of FAQs which gives immediate clarity on the process.

*The Eva Portal is still in development and will be available in future Eva releases.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Bring Patient Safety Practices into the 21st Century

The Eva team discuss the work we are doing with Microsoft to make use of Artificial Intelligence within our investigation application, raising the bar for incident investigations and patient safety practices across the healthcare sector.

Implement Eva with confidence

As an Eva user, you receive a combination of training, consultancy and technical support. The standard support package includes:

  • 1-day training for up to 10 participants, covering both technical and investigation aspects​
  • 8 hours of free expert consultancy​
  • Technical support hotline (Mon – Fri, 9 – 5)​
  • Built-in ‘Ask Eva’ feature including tips, videos and guidance
  • Comprehensive training manual

Join us at our Eva events and find out how Eva can benefit your organisation.

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