Improving patient safety and quality of care through the use of smart technology

Where does Eva fit in?

Eva was created to replace the healthcare sector’s manual systems. Currently, no integral software solution exists to facilitate and improve the quality of patient safety investigations. This is where Eva comes in. Eva helps investigators save time and navigate the complexities of the investigative process. With automated tips and guidance drawn from the application’s rich knowledge base, Eva goes about gathering and interpreting the data behind the scenes to deliver consistency, support and a wider understanding of the improvements needed in patient safety in UK Healthcare.​

Healthcare Investigators Tool

How Eva helps overcome current challenges and raises the benchmark for incident investigations

User interface​

Healthcare workers report major challenges in conducting patient safety investigations, including a lack of sufficient training and guidance, and a general feeling of disorientation. Those responsible for investigations say that the process can become so convoluted that there isn’t enough time to implement the changes necessary for long-term improvements; investigations can be delayed, rushed and inconsistent. With Eva Investigation tool, you can:

  • Follow logical step-by-step processes to conduct investigations with greater efficiency and reporting quality​
  • Constantly improve processes and skills with automated guidance and built-in training features ​
  • Populate your Word document report with a click of a button​
  • Work on the move and in real-time – Eva functions on all types of devices at any time​
  • Rely on additional tech and consultancy support


Current processes often limit the ability of governance teams to track investigations, identify recurring themes and issues across multiple investigations, and take appropriate action. Meanwhile, the use of manual tools is time consuming and limits the collation and analysis of data at scale. With the Eva Investigation tool, you can:

  • Uncover common themes and underlying causes with a 360-degree view of investigations as well as into your organisation’s overall performance
  • Track the progress of individual investigations, including action plans, from simple user-friendly dashboards​
  • Inform proactive decision-making and policy design to prevent further incidents​
  • Optionally share anonymised data with other trusts to encourage greater learnings​
  • Report with confidence to regulators

Patient Portal

From our extensive engagement with patients, families and advocacy groups likes AvMA, we understand the multiple challenges that can arise from a serious incident. Investigations can be confusing, frustrating and long. Patients and families also report feeling excluded from the process. With the Eva Portal, you can:

  • Fulfil duty of candour by providing tools to follow progress, access reports and submit evidence​
  • Help patients and families access information and advice, and easily request clarification on the progress of the investigation​
  • Facilitate communication between all parties​
  • Increase transparency and reduce frustration

Implement Eva with confidence

As an Eva user, you receive a combination of training, consultancy and technical support.

  • 1-day training for up to 10 participants, covering both technical and investigation aspects​
  • 8 hours of free expert consultancy​
  • Technical support hotline (Mon – Fri, 9 – 5)​
  • Built-in ‘Ask Eva’ feature including tips, videos and guidance
  • Comprehensive training manual

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