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The need for Eva

In a sector that is overstretched and under pressure, investigators need a tool that minimises stress and maximises benefit. A tool that is standardised, simple to navigate and cloud-based.

Eva is a 21st century alternative to existing offerings. Incoming Health Secretary, Matt Hancock recently hailed a “digital revolution” as the only option, and we couldn’t agree more. Verita’s 17 years’ experience in incident investigations combined with AlfaPeople’s 10+ years of software development expertise means that we’re equipped to tackle this problem head on. Our state-of-the-art solution will alleviate pressure, while finally benefiting the entire healthcare sector from the key insights BIG data can offer.

Using the very latest AI and machine learning technologies from Microsoft, Eva will raise the bar across the board, leading to better reports and more actionable recommendations.

Healthcare Investigators Tool

How Eva helps overcome current challenges and raises the benchmark for incident investigations

For investigators

Current challenges with serious incident investigations

  • Time consuming (an additional task on top of main role)
  • Lack of guidelines and/or training
  • Good investigators get swamped
  • Manual process, then have to create report at the end
  • Poor quality insights and recommendations

How Eva can help

  • Step-by-step process that is logically set out
  • Based on best practice and standardised format
  • Instant guidance and online training
  • Can be used anywhere, on any device, at any time
  • Users know they’re conducting high quality investigations, while being able to focus on their main job at the same time
  • More people will be able to conduct investigations to a higher standard, relieving pressure on the primary investigation team
Serious incident investigations Software
Challenges with serious incident investigations

For organisations

Current challenges with serious incident investigations

  • Inconsistency of quality and depth of reports due to lack of guidelines and training
  • No simple and quick way of viewing the status of investigations across an organisation
  • Lack of clarity on whether timescales for investigations are being met
  • Difficult to identify reoccurring issues and themes
  • Hard to understand whether action plans are being implemented according to schedule

How Eva can help

  • Consistent, better quality in-depth reports that are based on best practice, leading to more valuable insights
  • Less requirements in terms of training staff, so more staff will be able to deliver incident reports
  • Dashboards provide overall information on the number and status of investigations
  • Clear understanding of performance against KPIs (60 days to complete the investigation)
  • Big picture will allow for easier analysis and greater insight into potential underlying issues or causes
  • Track the progress of action plans

For patients and families

Current challenges with serious incident investigations

  • Patients’ and families’ lack clarity on how an investigation is conducted, timescales and technical terminology
  • They can feel excluded or ‘out-of-the-loop’ and find it hard to get updates
  • They can end up feeling frustrated by the whole process
  • Can take healthcare organisations time to manage the relationship sensitively

How Eva can help

  • Patients and families have access to their own portal, where they can view the status of investigations, read reports and submit evidence
  • Gives them information, advice and clarification on the process
  • Allows families to communicate with investigators in a structured and timely way
  • Increases transparency and reduces frustration
  • The portal can be used at the discretion of the organisation, on a case-by-case basis
Eva Portal
Regulators Software

For regulators


  • Demonstrates the organisation’s commitment to improving the quality and outcome of investigations
  • All information is provided in a clear, structured way
  • Adheres to investigation requirements and uses best practice
  • Easy to see how organisations are learning from incidents and applying recommendations

Seamless implementation guaranteed

From time-poor investigators to restricted budgets, implementing an entirely new system can be a daunting prospect. But, with Eva, we’ve worked hard to minimise the initial impact on your organisation. Our cloud-based app integrates seamlessly with existing systems and our sophisticated online training support means frontline staff will be quickly up-to-speed, optimising engagement and adoption. Our ambition is to streamline the process by removing any room for interpretation. Eva is designed with clarity in mind, reducing ambiguity and confusion from start to finish.

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