Improving patient safety with smart technology, expert knowledge and data insight

What makes Eva so revolutionary?

Simple, streamlined and standardised – the Eva Investigation Software Application is a new and revolutionary way to manage and improve patient safety investigations. Easy to integrate with existing patient safety processes, this powerful technology designed by the UK’s leading investigation firm Verita will help:

Guide investigators through simple processes, with the added support of training tools and automated tips

Aid investigators in the creation of rich, formatted reports populated with a simple click of a button

Pool information into a centralised dashboard where investigators can monitor progress and detect themes in real-time

Share data across hospitals, sites and the NHS, with state-of-the-art security and privacy features, for shared learning and broader patient safety improvements

How Eva Works

How will the Eva Investigation Software Tool benefit you?

Informed by thousands of hours of investigations, Eva is an intuitive application for patient safety investigators. It streamlines the process to foster greater consistency and quality in reporting. Importantly, this Microsoft-powered technology will also improve time and resource management, governance and regulatory compliance at boardroom level, and the overall experiences of patients and their families.

Click on each tab to explore the benefits of Eva:

Standardised step-by-step investigation processes encourage consistency and improved experiences for investigators

Automatic prompting and best-practice functionalities allow investigators to dig deeper into underlying factors and causes

Centralised dashboards empower managers to monitor the investigative process at all stages

Shared learning and insights across sites and hospitals reveal possible patterns, themes and recurring issues

24/7 Eva portal allows patients and families to track progress and stay informed from a manageable and controlled environment

Structured processes save clinicians’ valuable time and ensure a more orderly pathway to analysis, reporting and action planning

The automated creation of final reports, in the form of customisable Word documents, reduces time spent writing reports and studying data

Centralised dashboards allow managers to locate points of interest and quickly dive deeper into specific issues

Full mobility across devices in real time eliminates dependency on paper and excel documents, and gives investigators greater work flexibility

Seamless integration with everyday tools like Outlook and Word reduces unnecessary administrative tasks

Full oversight of the volume and progress of investigations provides a more comprehensive understanding of the time and cost spent

Standardised processes and built-in training tools improve report quality and reduce 'back and forth' correspondence between investigators and governance team

Alerts and insights into arising themes help develop real-time knowledge and recommendations for qualified board-level discussions and review

Auditable and trackable action plans following an investigation provide clear structure and allocate responsibilities with automated deadline reminders

Accumulated learnings will revolutionise patient safety by capturing knowledge and recommendations in a centralised system that can quickly be fed back to the frontline for long-term improvements

Investigators are encouraged to consider underlying causes and contributing factors, with reports that draw from the app's knowledge base and from similar cases

With more consistent reports in terms of quality and format, findings can be collated into a set of dashboards and accessed for easy interrogation at the click of a button

Themes arising from investigations help managers recognise big-picture improvements, rather than limiting their analysis to individual cases

Eva will (subject to your agreement) be able to anonymise your investigation data and aggregate this with data from other organisations, exponentially increasing the potential for learnings

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