Improving patient safety and quality of care through the use of smart technology

Eva is a ground-breaking application that delivers technological transformation of serious incident investigation in the UK healthcare sector. By simplifying and streamlining the process, the application improves the quality and consistency of investigations, while increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

What makes Eva so revolutionary?

The application is easy-to-use, guiding investigators through a standardised process and supporting them with tips and training along the way, before generating a formatted report with the click of a button.

Healthcare organisations have access to dashboards, providing them with an overview of the volume and status of all investigations within their domain, leading to deeper analysis, better insights and more informed recommendations.

Eva gives patients and families access to their own portal, offering support, clarity and transparency, while improving their understanding of the investigation process.

How Eva Works

Who benefits from the Eva Investigation Tool?

Eva is an intuitive tool that takes the user through a logical investigative process resulting in consistent high quality reports meaning more time and money can be spent on delivering patient care. The benefits extend to organisations as a whole, including governance and regulatory compliance at boardroom level, as well as patients and families. Eva will raise the bar across any healthcare organisation.

A dedicated portal, where patients and families can check on the status of an investigation, view reports and submit evidence

Provides information, advice and clarification about the process

Allows families to communicate with investigators in a structured and informed way

Increases transparency and reduces frustration

Standardised process, based on best practice, that produces higher quality reports, leading to greater insight

Healthcare organisations can see a dashboard view of incident investigations across the entire organisation

Unprecedented insight into underlying themes and causes, meaning issues can be identified earlier and dealt with better

Able to set up and monitor action plans against targets

Eva identifies trends, patterns and predictions to reduce risk and prevent recurrence

Guides the user step-by-step through a standardised process

Easy-to-use and intuitive interface which means that little training is required

Can be used on any device, anywhere, anytime, saving time and frustration

Offers tips, definitions and training videos throughout the process

Creates in-depth reporting throughout the process, populating it with data at the click of a button

Demonstrates organisation’s commitment to improving the quality and outcomes of investigations

All information is provided in a clear and structured way

Adheres to investigation requirements and uses best practice

Why choose Eva?

Supported by a bespoke package of online learning tools incorporating the latest in best practice techniques, Eva transforms a challenging task into a straightforward one. We believe that this will substantially improve the outcomes of investigations across the board. Here are the benefits of Eva in a nutshell:

Saving Time
Saving time

Simplifies and standardises the process, saving your organisation precious time.

Better Reporting
Better reporting

Better quality, more in-depth reporting and analysis results in vital, actionable insights.

Seamless Integration
Seamless integration

Seamless implementation and integration with existing software, with support from both investigation and technical specialists.

Optimal Security
Optimal security

Highest data security standards and reliable, state-of-the-art Microsoft technology.

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