Your expert friend in reducing avoidable harm

Serious Incident Investigation Tool

Eva starts work the moment your organisation identifies an incident. It guides you through the process, engaging  powerful analytical tools to extract the right information, which it assembles into your report.

Whatever the content or analysis of your investigation, Eva follows a standard path, harnessing the power of AI to produce directly comparable results every time.

You can track the progress and outcomes of investigations on Eva’s real-time dashboard.

After-Action Review Tool

After-Action Review is structured, fast and effective. It gives your organisation the power to put into timely practice the lessons arising from an event.

Eva adds value to the review process. It brings together all relevant factors and analyses them with powerful AI to build a comprehensive picture of an incident.

The benefit of consolidating individual and team learning under expert facilitation is that you can make practical change without waiting for the outcome of a full investigation.

The result is rapid improvement in patient safety

Patient and Family Portal
Eva’s patient and family portal keeps everyone up to date with the progress of an investigation, helping them to feel included and important. Always-open channels of communication make for a smooth, productive outcome.
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