Eva hits two key milestones – G-Cloud and AppSource

The Eva Investigation Application reached two important milestones this month as it has been accepted as a listing on the government’s G-Cloud 11 framework and on Microsoft’s AppSource platform. These listings will simplify and streamline the access to this important tool for serious incident investigations for healthcare organisations.

G-Cloud Framework

The G-Cloud framework is part of the government’s Digital Marketplace, which makes it easier for public sector organisations to procure services from trusted, reputable suppliers.

NHS Trusts can now purchase our pioneering Eva Investigation Application, an incident investigation and analysis tool which developed from the partnership between leading independent investigation consultants Verita and Microsoft. The tool helps NHS Trusts of all sizes to improve their patient safety processes and generate more powerful learnings. With a G-Cloud listing for Eva, trusts and other organisations can now avoid the often-complex regulations surrounding procurement, and install Eva in next to no time, resulting in reduced time-to-value.

The British government first introduced the G-Cloud framework in 2012. Now in its 11th iteration, G-Cloud has facilitated more than £3bn in sales, with a total of 3,505 suppliers now included across its three categories. In an increasingly digitalised world, G-Cloud makes it easier and simpler for public sector bodies to purchase the services they need, rendering the procurement process more flexible, dynamic and ultimately more cost-effective.


Our second achievement this month is the publication of Eva on Microsoft’s online marketplace AppSource. Customers can now access a free trial of Eva via Appsource.com. The trial offers 2 hours’ access to a sandbox environment in order to get familiar with the app’s user-friendly interface and simplified investigation processes.

We are extremely excited about these two major developments and hope they will encourage easier and improved experiences for customers to work with us towards a shared goal of revolutionising the patient safety landscape in the UK and elsewhere.

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