Preparing for PSIRF Eva’s way

What is PSIRF?

NHS England’s Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF) is due to be rolled out across the NHS and the independent sector next month.  PSIRF will provide guidance to healthcare organisations on how to respond to patient safety incidents. The framework aims to move away from reactive and hard-to-define thresholds for serious incidents and towards a proactive approach to learning from when things go wrong.

What does PSIRF mean for healthcare organisations?

This means that healthcare providers will need to decide which incidents need investigation and those which would benefit from a different approach, such as an after-action review. While greater flexibility is arguably a good thing, it means that clinical governance teams have many decisions to make about how to get the system working best for them.

Boards and leaders responsible for patient safety will need to ensure that their organisations are prepared for these changes and that their systems and processes are developed to support safe care to patients in accordance with the new guidance. This will include ensuring that there is a system in place for for deciding which patient safety incidents, need investigating and those that need a different approach. In addition, healthcare providers will need to demonstrate that they have adequate resources available to ensure staff have enough time to conduct a meaningful investigation.

How will Eva help?

Eva can help healthcare organisations prepare for the changes PSIRF will bring in multiple ways. Firstly, Eva’s innovative investigation tool generates standardised reports, which can be easily compared to highlight key risk factors in patient care. Additionally, as Eva is a digital, web-based application, it can be used anywhere with an internet connection, maximising the amount of time staff can spend on a patient safety investigation. With built-in tips and guidance, Eva supports clinicians through every step of a patient safety investigation.

To learn more about Eva, do not hesitate to contact us on 020 7494 5676 or via email at: [email protected].

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